With the launch of our Certified Organic range we can understand there are lots of questions surrounding the certification, the difference with certified organic essential oils and about our pure essential oils range itself.

Organic Certification means that the product has been produced in the most harmonious way to the planet – no synthetic chemicals are used, crops are grown using the most ecologically sustainable methods possible to avoid pests and weeds, the products are GMO-free with science being used to determine long term effects on the environment and wildlife. Every step in the growing, processing & bottling cycle is fully traceable giving the consumer peace of mind that the product is assumed to have been grown under all the above-mentioned conditions.


This is not to say our pure essential oils range is not grown under these conditions, it means that organic is not just “chemical-free”, it is a whole system or holistic means of growing and handling plants. While we source all of our oils organically, the majority of the farms/countries we source from don’t actually have internationally recognised organic standards. What we do know is that we only source from farms that do not use GMOs or pesticides on their crops.